Animated and Interactive Digital Imagery

Digital pictures, computer graphics and other types of digital art have become a large part of almost all of our daily activities. Whether you’re at the bank or at the casino playing Mummys Gold, you’ll notice that everything has become digital. Animations are projected everywhere and the large-scale technology is incredible. Even a simple visit to the ATM can put you face to face with some captivating digital imagery.

Elaborate Digital Images

Creating digital visuals that are used in activities of daily living require an interactive element that other digital arts do not have. The interactive element makes use of touch screen elements and voice activated features. If you want to make captivating images in this interactive style, you’ll have to invest in a great deal of digital tools.

Interactive Elements

There are many things that a designer must consider creating a hologram, visual aid or touch screen element. It becomes a combination of drawing, painting and sculpture made into digital formats. Add an aspect of artificial intelligence and you are ready to make interactive digital art.

Digital Software

Drawings are required to conceptualize the elements of the digital art but will develop into a detailed schematic when converted to digital software. After the general idea and drawings are completed, tone and volume needs to be considered which is a large element in painting. Shading and tone is important for creating understanding where depth needs to be created.

Creating three-dimensional, interactive digital art requires a full understanding of digital sculpture. To create a digital sculpture, you are making a full volume figure. The volumes must be able to turn and move at any angle. These possibilities must be computed into the digital software space and all the options made available to the viewer will be explored. Interactive, animated works can be the most efficient way to pull an audience in to viewing the digital work.