Artists Challenged by Kids Drawings

Inspired by Child Artists

The sporadic jolts of an uncontrolled crayon or the conscious effort of a marker pushed too hard on the page, artwork created by children has a special beauty to it. It was at Crash Gallery is a space that creates challenges for artists and every week they will push new artists outside of their comfort zone. These challenges range from painting while spinning or painting upside down but the most recent challenge at Crash Gallery involved converting children’s art into new, innovative works.


One of the submissions was done by an artist who took the drawing done by the child and printed it in many ways. This was developed digitally and manually to illustrate the elements of colour theory, print making and CMKY. These images produced by the artist placed the work of the child on display in an educational way. The artist hopes that it would inspire the child to further develop their understanding of colour theory.

Fame, Fame

Another artist took the drawing that the child had done and photoshopped it into different gallery spaces, billboards and advertisements. It appeared as if the work of the child was plastered on walls all around the world. The artist wrote the child a note explaining that they could not improve the work but would one-day hope to see it in famous art galleries worldwide.


Art challenges are a great way for artists to find ways to form collaborations. It may not always be with another artist. Recently, artists have been innovating and reusing materials more than ever. Some of the most popular pieces of art today are created from mass amounts of small objects. Up cycling has been a part of art for a long time as it was always beneficial to the artist to use what was within his reach. These days it is a completely new responsibility to make use of old waste.