Consider the Audience: Colours to Avoid and Shapes to Include

In a world that has gone almost entirely digital, it is difficult to make it through the day without seeing advertisements. Your smartphone, computer, social media sites, casino sites and banking sites are all bolstering banners, logos and other works of digital art across their web pages.

Consider the Viewer

As digital artists, most of your work will consist of jobs, tasks or contracts that you are commissioned to create. A lot of those creations will need to align with the client’s requests while you as an artist do your best to maintain your personal aesthetic. If you want to be successful at advertising and marketing when it comes to making digital images, banners or click bait, then you’ll want to know which colours evoke which emotions.

Colours and Shapes

Certain colours will evoke certain emotions in viewers, especially when used in combination with specific words or images.

– Red, orange and yellow is more likely to make the viewer hungry but especially red. When combined with words or images about hunger, the likelihood of hunger in the viewer increases. Many fast food chains such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, Arby’s and many others follow this color scheme.

– Blue light can help suppress hunger but it cannot be a variation of true blue light, it must be an authentic blue light to decrease hunger in viewers.

– Green will make viewers feel ill, disgust or jealousy and could trigger negative emotions where pink often makes viewers feel cheerful, happy or loved.

– A circle will make viewers feel whole while unfinished geometric shapes may create anxiety in the viewer. Symmetry is something that will always ease anxiety in those viewers your work.

It is hard to know what is art and what is advertising anymore. This is not something to be afraid of as an artist, but to take note and understand how artists integrate their vision with other marketing and advertising goals.