Digital Artists: Teaming Up With Technologists in Tokyo

How is technology changing the art world? There is evidence of artistic practice as far back as we can investigate and the presence of that art has evolved over time. Technology and art have always walked hand in hand without ever fully converging. Recently, digital art has been accepted and exclusive digital art museums are opening around the world.

Tokyo Knows Digital

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum is hosting an exhibition called teamLab Borderless featuring only digital art. TeamLab is a digital art group from Tokyo that is made up of a group of ultra technologists who create some of the worlds most extravagant digital art. Reviewed to be like a digital playground, the three-dimensional projections, digital avatar and virtual reality is astonishing. The level of technological application is of the highest quality in all teaLab’s work.

Pushing the Limits of Digital Art

teamLab is a group or collective that gathers all creative and genius minds of the information age to create incredible works of digital art. A group of programmers, artists, CG animators, designers, scientists, technologists and many more are gathered together to explore relationships between people and nature and the individual in the world. Digital technology has allowed society to transcend boundaries and teamLab work to push those boundaries. Working under a belief that the digital domain can impact the art industry in massive ways, the teamLab group will project the most aesthetically beautiful artistic works in the most unique spaces.

Breaking Out of Museums

As the digital space broadens, the museum space becomes narrower in its description. The art industry will have the ability to break outside of the museum and into our every day environment through the digital domain. Art has become a major part of peoples lives around the world and the digital art world is just beginning.