There are many things to consider when taking on a digital painting and some mistakes are too big to correct. There are certain things that you should know before starting a painting to help ensure that your digital artwork is as successful as possible.

Choose The Proper Canvas Size

Digital size is important and although it is easy to forget and think that all spaces are formatted the same but a digital painting requires a large number of pixels. The amount of white space that is displayed around the photo is important too. You don’t want to have a ton of extra space on the top on certain displays but not on others. It is important to get the same size, same resolution. If your canvas is too big you may feel like filling in extra details that may not be necessary. Although it is a digital painting, the medium will still react as if it were the real thing.

Start With A Grey Background

You will want to begin with a neutral background when beginning a digital painting. In traditional art we use white but on a digital screen we may see the dark shades as too dark. The same goes for the black background and the light shades. It is important to understand the way your eye accepts the colours on a screen differently than physically on a white sheet of paper.

Brushes: Keep It Simple

This is one area where it is very similar to traditional art. Traditional artists don’t typically use a variety of brushes in one piece unless a specific area asks for it. They learn how to create different effects using one brush and that is what should be done with digital painting as well. If you learn how to paint with a custom brush then you’ll develop an individual and unique style.