Is The Digital Space Safe? This Artist Shows Says No

Digital artists create works that are often saved in the digital space. These works are often at risk of being stolen or copyrighted. Issues surrounding digital work and their ephemeral state has been the subject of debate in the world of digital art. Digital artists are creating digital works to highlight the issues they face as digital artists.

Permanent Redirect

Elusive is just one word used to describe Permanent Redirect, one of Donald Hanson’s interesting pieces of internet art This internet based piece of art is becoming harder to find because it moves each time someone views it. Although, the site no longer contains the piece, it does have a record of how many people have visited.

The site redirects users to another site, which redirects them again. The artist is using the piece to highlight the issues of digital artworks and the fact that they are often reproduced and circulated without attribution. This is artificial scarcity in his mind and should create unease in the viewer who goes to the site hoping to see a piece of art.

What Do You Think?

This is a piece of digital art making commentary about the state of digital art. The conversation that surrounds this piece is about the emotions evoked in the user. Is it an effort to highlight the discomfort a viewer feels when they cannot obtain a digital artwork for free? People assume whatever is within the digital sphere is within their personal reach. Does this art work help the end user become introspective about their role in this issue concerning digital art? Does the piece lose credibility by displaying the number of visitors? It may be said that users would still find a motivation in the piece by seeing the numbers rise every time they visited. It is essential to the success of digital artists to find a way to comment about injustice and start conversations through their art.