Logos are the branding stamp of any business. They are supposed to be easy to recognize, recreate and represent the essence of that company. Logos are the names of the visual world and graphic designers are the ones responsible for giving them to us. There are some tips and tricks to creating logos that will help you design something that you or a client will fall in love with.

Sketch Your Work

Make sure you throw all your design ideas down on paper. You’ll get to feel what comes naturally and what fits with the image. There is a strong urge for your brain to make things aesthetic pleasing and therefore you became a designer. If you skip this step, you may find yourself too far ahead in the work to turn back before you realize you don’t like the logo at all.

Black and White First, Always

You should start your logo in black and white because simplicity is key when making logos. You can add colour at the end to add zing to an existing design, but a bad design can’t be saved by colour.

Universal Language

Ensure that the design is friendly to all ages and populations. You’ll want this to be a visual that attracts people to your company and if you offend anyone with your logo than you’re already behind.

Remember Me

The easiest things to remember are simple or symmetrical with limited colour variety. A lot of the easy to remember logos are easy to recall due to their simplicity of design.

Make a Change

You want to make something unique and if you’re trying to keep it simple, that may not be the easiest task. Flip, mirror or divide something you’re working with to add an edge to simple shapes.

If you take advantage of these tips to designing logos, you’ll surely have a memorable and powerful logo.