Real Photos Aren’t Good Enough Anymore

Filter Filled Photographs

The world of photography has changed drastically in the past twenty years since the invention of smart phones. Smart phones are now easily found in the pocket of almost everyone you know. Each smart phone has a camera on it, allowing the user to take quality photos at any moment. Users take those photos, add filters or applications to enhance the photo quality, and share them with their friends. The photography industry has sure taken a hit since the newly adorned filter photos. Not only are people opting out of using proper photography equipment, but the filters and applications that transform the photo create a false version of reality.

Tactile Experience Lost

Critics of photography would say that the original art is dead. People are no longer interested in the crisp, quality photos of real life. Instead, they would prefer the filtered version of their photos or they will place filters over quality photos feeling as if they have enhanced the photograph.

Lack of Understanding

A quality photo using quality equipment should be the industry standard, but more and more, amateur photographers are getting their big break by giving clients the filtered images they are looking for. This new adoration of digitized photography has evolved preference from the natural to the supernatural. A realistic photograph is now seen as substandard. The art of photography is lost on the digital generation.

Washed Out Preferences

The appreciation for photography must be learned and people need education about the artistic elements of the craft. Proper equipment is not the only aspect that has been lost on this generation but the entire tactile experience of developing photographs has been lost as well.

Some may argue that smart phones provide enough equipment to take professional style photographs. Although, smart phones have made it easier to take photographs, they have compromised the quality that people hope to receive with professional photography.