Refresh Your Life and Live Online: Living Life Through Online Personas

Pop culture has been completely transformed through the increased prominence of digital media and social media. The visual landscape has been converted from the exterior world to the one on your computer. On average, people will see more of the digital content on their computers or smart phones than of the actual outdoors. This means that much of what is viewed by the public has been created by another individual like themselves.

Living in A Digital Environment

This digital era brings forth many obsessions and phenomena that are concerned with the digital space. People are living as avatars, pretending that their real life is something that they control from an outside space. Visual artists have always been successful at creating fictional worlds that are imagined out of thin air. Digital artists are taking those fictional worlds to an entirely new level.

Digital Playgrounds

Digital artists have been conceptualizing and creating worlds online that are so complex that people spend more time playing in the online space than living their own lives. The digital playground is allowing people to walk through nostalgic places from their childhood like Neverland or giant world from Mario 3. The conversion of normal life into digital life has been a phenomenon that hasn’t stopped since the beginning of the internet.

New Life Online

Some people see their online avatars as a chance to make a new life for themselves. They can control the circumstances of their situation and eliminate any obstacles that may have been in their way in the real world. People who are not happy with their looks can go online and create a new persona and live through it for many years. Is this digital influence delusional or is it a safe space for people to connect?

Service Disconnected

Digital spaces may have provided many individuals with a safe space for connection but could also limit the possibility of creating lasting relationships in their real lives.