This Is Why You Can’t Miss Art Basel

What is Art Basel?

Unique old pieces, up and coming new pieces and prices on all pieces. These are just a few of the reasons why you should attend Art Basel. Art Basel is a for-profit, privately owned art fair hosted in Switzerland, Hong Kong and most recently Miami. They present modern and contemporary art from galleries all around the world. This art fair exhibits some works from the most popular artists in the business while introducing some of the newest faces in the industry.

Career Booster

Large galleries pay over 400K for a spot on the basement floor of Art Basel in Switzerland and the smallest space that a gallery can occupy is around 50K. It is not cheap for a gallery to participate in such art fairs but the cost may be worthwhile if they meet the right art dealer or collector. They sell space by the square metre and sell tickets to people who want to come sees the work. Although the price is high, the visibility of an artist at an Art Basel fair can provide the notoriety that the artist has been looking for. A social presence may be what helps an artists career soar and the sale of one piece could pay for the entire trip. Although it is a bit of a gamble, if you show your work at an Art Basel event, you’ll have your stuff next to some of the most prominent names in the business.

Rare Works

The fair arranges to have specialty pieces and interesting works on view. Controversial works and rare finds will be on display for all to see. This is the one opportunity to get a glimpse at pieces that may only be released once every five or ten years. Awards are usually given and all in attendance can witness some of the most brilliant artists in the industry.