Web and graphic designers are some of the most skilled artists in the industry and they have some of the most sought-after skills when it comes to digital design. Most designers go through years of school and finding good hacks for web and graphic design can be tough. Getting a good head start with great tips is essential to your success in designing digitally.


When you start your project, develop and save a font palette. It will allow you to switch between fonts in which you already know will work together. You can adjust the spacing and closeness of the text afterwards but making the font palette at the start can help save a lot of time.


Contrasting colours will help make your design a beautiful piece of art. The contrasting colour effect will help your text stick out and jump off the page. Contrast light and dark, bright and dull and matte and gloss. These are all great ways to add aesthetic beauty to your digital space.


One of the worst mistakes that happens with digital imagery is that it becomes blurry when you resize it. This is a mistake that many beginners make but you can fix it and protect the image quality by converting the image to a smart object. This is an option in Photoshop which is one of the most popular web and graphic design software programs.

After you finish with all the different element in your web or graphic design, you’ll want to save the file. The file may be very large and it is important to compress this file so you can upload it online. Uploading large files can take a long time, a lot of space and often can’t be sent online at all.

These web and graphic design hacks will ensure your adventures web design are as successful as possible.