What is Digital Art?

Digital art is one of the most diverse and complex fields of artistic practice today. There is arguably much more that can be achieved digitally than what you can create from traditional media. Digital art uses different forms of technology based medias to create or present different artworks.

Traditional Forms of Art in Digital Formats

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting can be created digitally using a variety of methods but Adobe has, per customer reviews, delivered the best products in terms of graphic design. Typography, layering, drawing, blending and digital painting are all forms of digital art that use technology to replicate more traditional forms of art. Painting and drawing digitally use a tool and a tablet, like the traditional method but with new tools.


The advancement of digital technology has taken the animated drawing to a completely new level. Before digital software, an artist would have to draw thousands of images showing the development of a movement for just a few moments of an animation. The advancements in computer generated visual imagery and the software that has been developed to support it has created an entirely new and very complex field of artistic practice.


Sculpture is another traditional art that can be reproduced digitally and, like animation, the procedure differs significantly from the traditional processes. 3D printing allows artists to create objects using different software programs and the specialized 3D printing will convert these digital schematics into physical objects.

Installation Art

Digital installation art can refer to many things as there are a variety of digital medias that can be used. Projections and light shows can create very large artistic works. These works can provide both interactive environments and visual optical illusions on a larger scale.

Most art in our modern society is viewed through a digital lens and this is a large facet in explaining the increased development and popularity of digital arts.